Online Agent or Office Based?

How do you search for a property?


Some people ask will Drysdale Properties have an office? The answer is no. My reasons....

I don’t see a strong enough reason to have one, I’ll always have a home office, a room dedicated to work but having a high st office is not required or financial viable for me to be able to carry out my work effectively or efficiently.


By not having an office I can offer competitive prices, all day and night flexible hours for contact and appointments and still offering a personal 1-1 service meeting clients and tenants at their property where they feel comfiest or out and about. If you feel your paying an agent the highest fee because your going to get the best service your wrong, their fees are high to cover overheads of offices and staff it’s that simple. More agents will be doing the same soon...Branches will be closing and likely to use one main hub, it’s already happening all over UK because of the new legislation changes.


The way the future is going, footfall on high streets is slowing down and online retailers becoming more and more, offices and shops are closing more often than opening. The new generation tend to do everything online and the older generation seem happier with the less hassle. How many people actually go into estate agents these days?.. and if you do, what do you go in for? The old days where prime location offices, newspaper advertising and window shop fronts are dying.


Drysdale Properties is essentially an online agency although I work as a completely personal agent. There’s only me and I deal with all aspects of the business. My brain is my software, I know everything about my business like the back of my hand and have ran it 3 years alone offering affordable prices yet making a successful and healthy business. I’m always pro actively learning in the property industry, news updates legislation etc and I’m driven to get people the results they want. An office won’t do that, it would limit me and I don’t want to be limited to what I can achieve.



                             Megan Drysdale - 15th October 2019






Matiana, Ogmore By Sea, Vale of Glamorgan - £995,000 o.i.e.o


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